CocoNut Dahl

Chocolate Almond CAke Balls

To make your Coconut Dahl heat a splash of oil in a large sauce pan.

Fry off the dry mix for a couple of mins ( please note the onion and garlic powder make have become solid but this will not effect the quality of your meal).

Once fragrant add 3 cups of vege stock ( any stock will do) , 400ml of coconut cream, 1 tin of chopped tomatoes or 4-6 diced tomatoes. Cook for approx 30- 40mins.

Season with salt and pepper.

Serve on its own or with a side of rice.

We like to garnish our Dahl with toasted coconut and fresh raita.

To make raita mix together plain or coconut , diced cucumber, chopped mint , salt and pepper.

Approx 5 servings.

This gets better with age and makes for amazing left overs!!

Bon Appetit

To make your cake balls; 

Option 1) Pour the jar of dry ingredients into a bowl.

Add in 2 T melted coconut oil & 2T coconut cream then mix to combine. At this point have a taste and if you would like them sweeter add in 1T liquid sugar ( maple syrup, rice bran , agave etc) mix again then roll into small balls. If you want to be a little bit fancy top with melted chocolate and a roasted almond.

Option 2) Put the above ingredients into a food processor and pulse until mixed, roll into balls and dress as you wish.

Pop into the fridge to set for approx 30 mins.

These are best stored in the fridge but will be fine to pop  them in your lunch box .



To make your banana bread pour your dry mix into  big mixing bowl , add 4 small mashed banana, 3 eggs, 150ml warm milk , 125g melted butter- you could add 1/4 c of choc chips of chopped walnuts at this point if you like. Mix well with an egg beater.Pour mixture into a lined loaf tin. Top with more chopped walnuts if using then bake in oven 180c for approx. 30- 40 minutes or until skewer comes out clean- if in doubt take your loaf out earlier rather than later. Remove from oven, cool, slice and enjoy with butter or cream cheese.


Banana flour is made of green bananas that are dried and ground. Banana flour is a great grain free alternative that is suitable for paleo and low sugar diets. It goes well in sweet or savoury dishes -typically you can sub 1 cup of wheat flour for 3/4 cup banana flour.

The final products are slightly denser compared to using wheat flour but I like that as they hold together better.

Seed Crackers

Pre heat your oven to 160c.

Line a baking / oven tray with parchment paper.

Put your dry mix into a bowl and add 2 cups of warm water. Stir well and let sit for 10 mins.

Put the seed mix onto your lined tray then cover with another piece of parchment paper.

You now want to flatten your mix, I do this with a small fry pan but you can also use a rolling pin.

You can go as thick or thin as you like- a thinner dough will result in a crisper cracker and a thicker dough will be more bread like.

Remove the top layer of parchment and bake your cracker for 20- 25 mins - keep an eye on it as you want your crackers golden but not too dark. 

Once golden flip the cracker over ( i dont worry about cooking on paper after the flip. Cook for another 20- 25mins.

Once cool snap your crackers into shards or cut into desired shapes. At this point if you think your crackers aren't dry and crunchy enough you can pop them back in the oven for a second cook- keep an eye on them 

Bon Appetite 

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