How to Refill

Its up to you how you choose to refill.

Bring in your jars or use the paper bags provided.

We want refilling to be an easy shopping experience for you so have provided baskets and trolleys to carry around your items, benches to place things as you fill as well as funnels and scales .

If you are refilling paper bags simply write the name of the item on the bag- no codes to complicate things, fill with as much or as little as you like then take to the counter.

If you are refilling jars here are our tips to make your shopping experience as easy as possible; 

♻️ Use your carry bags to transport your jars from your pantry to @foodforthoughtchch
♻️ Take your jars up to the counter to be weighed, it doesnt matter if you still have product left in the jar that all goes onto the inital weight of the jar.
♻️ Leave your carry bags behind the counter and grab yourself a trolley or basket. Pop jars in, now its time to refill.
♻️ Utilize the our benches and funnels these will make your refilling experience a lot easier than you might be use to.
♻️ If your chosen product is in a jar it might be easier to pour it directly into the funnel instead of fluffing around with scoops and tongs- you will easily figure out what product like to be poured.
♻️ When putting refilled items back into the trolley pop full jars to the bottom and empty to the top.
♻️ Once all your jars are refilled take them back to the counter for check out. Jars will be placed back into your shopping bags - refilling complete, and no plastic waste to go in the bin


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