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Deneale & Charlie

The Story of Food for Thought

Opening any sort of retail shop was never on either of our bucket lists , the idea came up while driving home from our weekly grocery shop and being over the amount of plastic packaging we were bringing home- we went shopping for food not plastic.

Our barrier for shopping plastic free was always logistics.  Being busy working parents it wasn't going to be realistic that we would drive out of our local area to shop for food regularly enough to keep our pantry plastic free, we needed something local where we could shop weekly.

The day after our very brief conversation about opening a store Charlie was looking through commercial spaces ( we don't muck around) , the original space we wanted wasn't going to work due to resource consent which is just as well because the next space that came up is our lovely home at The Tannery.

We were scheduled to open on the 15th of April but had a few hurdles along the way. Lock down delayed our opening and shipment of products but we pushed through and opened the doors as soon as we could.
Lock down did however give us more time for research.  Food for Thought was originally going to be more food oriented but through all the extra research we found plenty of eco friendly products that we just had to stock giving us a pretty even split of food and retail.

Its now been 8 months since we opened the doors, Charlie has recently come on board full time working in the shop and our list of customers and products is growing.

Thanks to all our friends, family, customers, suppliers for supporting our wee business . We look forward to helping more of you reduce your ecological footprint. 🌏

Deneale & Charlie X

Organic and

Local Producers

Where possible we source organic and local products. Some of our Christchurch based suppliers are, Roan milk, The Brothers Green , White Heart Hazelnuts, Mauriora Kombucha, Little Red Farm eggs.

Buy as Much

as You Need

The beauty of bulk buying is you can buy as much or as little as you need. This will help you minimize your food waste and shopping bill 

We Have One Planet.
Let's Love It

''We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.''

– Anne Marie Bonneau aka The Zero Waste Chef

The Tannery, 3 Garlands Road Christchurch