Mushroom Stroganoff


1T butter

1/2 sliced red onion

*1.5 t onion powder

*1.5 t garlic powder

*1 t mustard powder

*2 t paprika

*1t dried thyme

8 cups sliced mushrooms ( for me this was 6 flat and 20 button mushrooms)

1/2 c wine

*2 c stock

125g sour cream


1) Melt butter, add onion and caramelise.

2) Add spices and thyme and cook until fragrant

3) Add mushrooms cook for 2mins, add wine cook for a further 5mins

4) Add your stock and simmer until mushrooms are cooked.

5) Stir through sour cream then season with salt and pepper.

Your stroganoff can be served on polenta, pasta, rice or mashed potatoes.

Garnish with parsley, sour cream or even some grated parmesan

You can make your mushroom stroganoff vegan by switching the butter and sour cream to a vegan option.

Bon appetit ♥️

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