This is risotto seriously tasty and swapping rice for pearl barley makes a really nice change.

This recipe will make 2 side dishes or one main portion.

My measurements for this are a bit loose but as long as you use the 3/4 c barley and 4 cups of liquid you should be fine - there is a video saved in the highlights if you want to see exactly what I did.

1) Start heating 3 cups of your choice of stock- keep this warm during the whole process.

2) Saute 1 t crushed garlic and 1/2 an onion- add 3/4 cup Pearl barley and a handful of diced mushrooms and as much fresh sage as you like.

3) Melt down approx 2T butter with 6 button mushrooms and some more sage- keep cooking on low until the mushrooms are cooked, butter golden and sage crispy

4) Add one cup of wine and cook off.

5) Add stock one cup at a time , cooking until each cup is absorbed.**add a dash of hot water if you have run out of stock and barley isn't al dente.

6) Once al dente (30-40mins) add 3/4 cup grated cheese - I've used a mix of Colby and Parmesan, the butter from your sage butter , a hand full of baby spinach, and season with salt and plenty of cracked pepper.

Place in a bowl and garnish with your sage and mushrooms and more Parmesan.

Bon appetit

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