Whole Milk

Ingredients: Fresh Whole milk from A2 tested cows, pasteurised, non-homogenised.
Serving Size: 250ml.


Welcome to Aunt Jean's

During more than 80 years of dairy farming in Nelson, the Raine family has maintained a passionate belief that customers want a direct connection with the farm producing their milk. And in today's world, that feels more important than ever. Julian and Cathy Raine have created Aunt Jean's Dairy so you can experience milk the way it should be. Farm-fresh milk delivered in clear glass bottles.

Fresh from the Farmer

Meet our cows. We want to share our passion for the delicious milk our dairy cows provide. We're so committed to this connection with our customers that you can actually meet the cows that provide your milk. Simply contact the farm where your milk comes from to arrange a visit.

All our milk comes from A2-tested cows. Raised in the open air, our cows graze freely on the lush, green grass of our local farms. We never feed them palm kernel expeller or add any permeates to the milk. Our milk isn't homogenised.

All we produce is beautiful milk, pure and farm-fresh.

We wouldn't have it any other way, because we believe well-cared-for cows produce more delicious milk.

Aunt Jeans Whole A2 Milk


    The Tannery, 3 Garlands Road Christchurch