"Rad Ball Mixes are the easiest (and tastiest) way to have a healthy treat at home. Filled with plant based, gluten free, cane sugar free & dairy free ingredients, these balls are perfect for sharing with anyone - or for enjoying all yourself. This Rad Ball combines the two greatest flavours known to (wo)man - Raspberry and chocolate. Mmm-mmm. It’s just like your favourite baked treat but a healthier, easier to whip up version."


to make mix 250g Rad ball mix with 1/4 c coconut cream, roll into balls and store in the fridge or freezer.


Ingredients: Almond meal, desiccated coconut, coconut sugar, freeze-dried raspberries, Solomons Gold Dark Chocolate (cacao, organic coconut sap sugar, cacao butter), cacao powder, Himalayan salt.


100 Grams

    The Tannery, 3 Garlands Road Christchurch